Tips for Riding Motorcycles in a Pandemic World

Most governments restrict non-essential travel when a pandemic occurs. That means you can hop on your bike to get groceries, pick-up prescriptions, or commute to work. Anything that falls outside of that scope of activities could be subject to fines, tickets, or even jail time in some parts of the world.

Motorcycle Jackets that Ride Well and Offer Superior Protection

Some people see a motorcycle jacket as something stylish to wear. If you’re a real enthusiast, then you understand the practical features that the best products offered in this category.

Modern Gear for a Long-Distance Ride on Your Motorcycle

If you are getting familiar with a motorcycle for the first time in your life, then it is imperative to know what gear you’ll need. A short drive around town to run errands requires all of the essentials: a helmet, gloves, a jacket, shoes, and jeans.

First Speeding Ticket Given For This Speed
Top Speed Of The First Car Race Winner
of drivers admit to singing behind the wheel
average mpg of cars worldwide

Go Fast, Turn Left

Have your baby spend more time on the road than in the garage.

ATV Safety

Why Have ATV Injuries Declined Rapidly?

Although several reasons contribute to the significant decline of injuries and fatalities from ATV use in recent years, the ATV Safety Institute believes that proactive information sharing has provided the most resources to this trend.

Erick Pritchard is the CEO of the ATV Safety Institute. “We aggressively reach out to all new ATV owners to urge them to take our free hands-on training and our e-courses to learn and practice our eight golden rules for safety,” he said in response to the information.


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