Modern Gear for a Long-Distance Ride on Your Motorcycle


If you are getting familiar with a motorcycle for the first time in your life, then it is imperative to know what gear you’ll need. A short drive around town to run errands requires all of the essentials: a helmet, gloves, a jacket, shoes, and jeans.


Most jackets today come with armor in the shoulders and elbows to protect against a fall. If you want a maximum level of safety, then choose an option that enables spinal and ribcage reinforcements.


When you have a more extended trip to take, then a few extra features could be helpful as you navigate the open road.


Best Options for Your Motorcycle on Long Rides


1. Portable First Aid Kit


You should always take medical supplies with you on a drive that takes you out of your hometown. Some would say a first aid kit should be on your bike at all times. You’ll want to make sure that you have a triple antibiotic, burn cream, and bandages at a minimum. It also helps to keep an emergency blanket and splinting tools with you in case an emergency develops.


A first aid kit is sometimes required by law.


2. Waterproof Boots


Taking a long ride can make your feet feel numb when you forget to move around a little on occasion. That feeling gets even worse when your boots get filled with sweat and water. Having a pair that is breathable and waterproof is going to let you stay as comfortable as possible while you explore.


3. Portable Tool Kit


If something happens to your bike while in the middle of nowhere, then it could be several hours before someone can come out to lend you a hand. Although you can’t take your entire garage with you on a long-distance trip, a portable kit can help you to fix many of the common issues that can develop while riding. Choose an option that provides Allen keys, sockets, screwdriver bits, and pliers.


4. Puncture Repair Kit


A punctured tire can ruin a road trip quickly. Many communities are using an oil-and-gravel base to repave streets, which means you can encounter potential dangers at any time while riding. A tubeless tire repair kit will help you to temporarily fix a flat so that you can get to the closest repair shop. Make sure that the product you choose comes with portable CO2 containers so that you can inflate the tire for travel.


5. Visor Cleaner


Your helmet will eat a lot of bugs on a long road trip. Even if you travel in cold weather, the street grime and environmental dust collect over significant distances. Having a visor cleaning product along for the ride so that you can clean up after you arrive. Look for a product that can offer some anti-fog protection to keep your vision clear.


One of the best feelings in the world is to take on the open road with your motorcycle. When you have these items along for the ride, then you can be more prepared for whatever circumstances might come your way.

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