Samsung Introduces a New Galaxy that Could Be Its Best Phone Ever


Fans of Samsung appreciate the mixture of features and compatibility that the smartphone manufacturer’s devices provide. It is the primary reason why the brand can compete with Apple in a premium space.


The Galaxy Note 20 looked to be the best smartphone that Samsung would release in 2020. That’s when the company suddenly released a new device in April at the height of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders around the world.


Everyone was paying attention to the news cycle at the time, which means the PR push for the new phone makes sense. You can see an example of it in an advertisement for a home air conditioner.


Samsung Denies That It Is a New Galaxy Phone


When you take a look at the device, the new Galaxy from Samsung doesn’t have a top bezel or a visible front-facing camera. It’s an all-screen, notchless design that maximizes your viewing space – a perfect option for those who love to stream videos, movies, and shows from their smartphone.


Samsung replied to the initial speculation about the phone that the company doesn’t answer questions or comments about future products. Then it confirmed that what you can see in the advertisement is a generic prototype used to study different user experiences for future device development.


Several reports indicate that Samsung intends to launch a smartphone in 2020 that provides an under-display camera. It works by integrating a transparent display over the punch hole to get rid of the visible notch for the camera. Manufacturing for the device is still on track even with COVID-19 interruptions, with October slated on being the time when the first phones would hit the factory floor.


Could the New Phone Fall Outside of the Galaxy Branding?


Samsung hasn’t tried to hide all of its plans for future smartphones. The new Infinity displays that contain under-display cameras were first announced in 2018 as being “right around the corner” for consumers.


The brand has been teasing its upcoming devices through “accidental” leaks in marketing videos, on its website, and through various advertising channels in the past. That’s why the response to this new phone is somewhat suspicious to fans of the company.


It’s been over a year since Hassan Anjum, who is the product marketing director for Samsung, said, “I can’t wait to tell you more about them,” when discussing this new technology. Could this advertisement be the first step of many in a direction toward something fun and unique to use?


Some reports out of Korea suggest that the new phone will launch under a new brand instead of being in the range of Galaxy devices. As for Samsung’s response, it only had this to say about the presence of the phone in the advertisement: it is not a slip-up or a purposeful showing of an imminent smartphone release.


Does that mean we can expect that phone later in 2020? We’re all going to be stuck waiting to find out – unless an accidental release occurs before then!

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