6 Best Cars from the Detroit Autorama


The 2020 version of the Detroit Autorama managed to provide an enjoyable time right before Michigan required stay-at-home orders and a quarantine-like atmosphere. It was the 68th annual event that features thousands of automotive enthusiasts wandering through about 800 cars and trucks.


Although every vehicle on display at the Detroit Autorama provides strengths and qualities of note, these were the best race cars that you could find on the floor.


The 1955 Chevy Brute Force


The idea behind this vehicle was to create a ’55 Chevrolet based on the standards of custom supercars from today. Imagine if you were to order something in the style of a Pagani, Bugatti, or a Bentley! The result is a Merlin V-8, twin-turbocharged 540 that can produce up to 1,400 horsepower.


The 1969 Chevy Camaro


This custom Camaro features a 418 LS3 engine custom-built for the car. All of the classic lines are there in the body, while the chrome highlights help to draw the eye to all of the vehicle’s strengths. It is in a stunning Candy Apple red that seems to glisten under the lights.


The 1929 Ford Model A Truck


This unique version of a classic vehicle sports a woody body, incredible hardwood floors, and a finish better than the cabinetry found in most homes. It received custom paint and upholstery to give the truck an updated look without taking away the classic lines and details of this early set of wheels.


The 1963 Chevy Three Door Station Wagon


This beautiful station wagon offers an extended hatchback design that looks modern even though it is almost 50 years old. The flawless black paint almost makes you see the car as a hearse if you only give it a side glance. It comes with custom sheet metal body parts, a Morrison chassis, and a handmade interior.


The 1934 Ford Pickup


The concept of this beautiful early pickup truck uses a genuine cab from that make and model in 1934. It has a 2-inch channel and a 4-inch chop over a pair of frame rails from American Stamping. Then a 312 Ford Y-block engine with intricate details tops a dual-scroll supercharger to give the vehicle impressive power. Exotic stingray leather gets featured for the interior.


The 1956 Olds 98 Convertible


This car at the Detroit Autorama took seven years to build. It represents over 2,500 hours of labor when looking at the body and paintwork done by itself. You can see subtle graphics if you stand close to the vehicle, including ghost scallops, while the two-tone nickel plating highlights all of the best features of the car. A first-generation Chrysler Hemi provides the power for the car, while a comfortable ride comes courtesy of an air-ride suspension.


Taking the time to tour the Detroit Autorama each year enables you to see stunning cars and craftsmanship that isn’t available at a local car show. Plan your trip for next year to see what new ideas are being designed right now!

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