Best Hot Rods of the 20th Century


The 20th century brought the world many technological accomplishments. If you love automobiles, then the progress that automakers made during those 100 years is quite intriguing.


Several cars have changed history because of their influence, popularity, or ingenuity. People often go to car shows to see the latest innovations provided by automakers, but it is also an excellent time to see some of the best vehicles of the past.


If you go to a car show this year, then these are the best hot rods of the 20th century that you’ll want to see.


The Kookie T 1922 Ford Model T


Norm Grabowski built this hot rod in the late 1950s, and it continues to be one of the most popular designs out there today. He cut down a 1931 Ford Model T Touring car with a modified Model A pickup bed. Then he shrank the frame rails by 20 inches in the back while stretching them by five inches in the front. It’s topped off with a 1952 Cadillac 331.


The McGee 1932 Ford Roadster


Most people picture a hot road like the one built by Bob McGee. His 1932 Ford roadster first got the nation’s attention in 1948 when he had his picture taken in it while cruising on the campus of USC. The vehicle is one of the cornerstones of the industry because of its straightforward design, emphasis on power, and overall versatility. This hot rod can go anywhere to accomplish almost anything.


The Ivo 1925 Ford Model T


This hot rod received inspiration from the Kookie T, but Tommy Ivo won’t deny that fact if you ask him. The stories of this car are famous. Ivo reportedly broke into Grabowski’s garage so that you could take measurements of the vehicle. Even how he got the frame is impressive. As the story goes, Ivo found it out in the California desert with a Joshua tree growing from it. The vehicle has appeared in several movies, especially in the 1950s.


The Big Daddy Outlaw Hot Rod


Ed Roth creates hot rods that don’t conform to society’s standards. His creations are always radically original, and then he compliments that approach by using stunning airbrush artwork. Roth abandoned the idea that cars had to be built from an existing frame by building bodies from scratch. This vehicle is the first to use a fiberglass mold to create the body. It also features several custom features from several different makes and models.


The Big Daddy Beatnik Bandit


Even though this hot rod wasn’t Roth’s first effort, it might be the one that is the most famous. The Plexiglass bubble top is what draws attention to the design, making it feel like it belongs in The Jetsons instead of on the street. It also uses a joystick-style handle to control steering, acceleration, and braking. This hot rod would be part of the first Hot Wheels toy series because of its popularity.


Hot rods continue to be popular in the 21st century. Make sure that you take some time to see the new ideas that this generation is trying while you tour the car show circuit this year!

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