Best Rat Rods Out There Right Now


Most people know someone that owns a muscle car or prides themselves on being a rodder. Although there isn’t an objection to restoring an old body to something new, replacing or modifying an old engine or driveline is something that is only for the strong-willed in today’s environment.


It wasn’t that long ago that hot rods and rat rods were the only acceptable mods you could make to a vehicle. If you want to see the best cars from that era, then these are the examples that defy the idea that this approach was only for the people who were broke or lacked talent.


McMullen’s 1932 Roadster


McMullen helped to create Street Rodder in 1972. He would build this rat rod about four years later that he called the “Deuce.” It would become one of the most famous cars of its kind in the world, appearing in magazines, television shows, and even a record album. The vehicle has an estimated value of more than $1 million.


Beggs’s 1934 Ford Pickup


The ’34 Ford pickup is a popular frame to use for rat rodders because it’s got plenty of room in the front and back to work. Beggs manufactured his design to keep a dull, almost unfinished appearance the focuses on using repurposed metals and salvaged items. It looked like something you’d find in a junkyard, but it had lots of power to offer.


Jimmy’s Custom 1956 COE Hauler


The tilting cab that Ford used for haulers in the 1950s is a design you don’t see very often today. It’s a design that has you sitting over the engine instead of it being in front of or behind the driver. Jimmy’s Custom rebuilt the cab-over-engine hauler in 2016 to compete at the Colorado Nationals, and it continues to enthrall those who see it today.


Boesch’s 1934 Ford Roadster


Boesch works as a mechanic, and he owns an auto body shop in Iowa. His take on the ’34 roadster is a rat rod that’s worth seeing because the entire car was fabricated by hand. Every part was gathered and assembled by him to produce a masterpiece. It has the traditional grill, low center of gravity, and ferocious look that everyone loves from this model year.


Rizzoli’s 1937 Fiat Topolino


You won’t find a more unique design than what this rat rod offers with its Fiat template. It provides an angular appearance that funnels to a wide back end with massive tires for an impressive burnout. The force-fed engine produces enormous power, while the trimmed front gives remarkable cornering despite the design being built more for drag racing. The all-black paint job only makes it appear more intimidating.


If you love to see unique cars, then these are the best rat rods that you’ll want to spot at an upcoming car show. They don’t come out to every event, but you can catch up with the owners to see their touring schedules so that you can plan accordingly.

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