Motorcycle Accessory Maker Builds Aerosol Boxes for First Responders


The motorcycle industry is working to help first responders during the pandemic era in a variety of ways, ensuring that everyone has the supplies needed to save lives. Accessory maker JM Mirasol is joining hundreds of small businesses across the United States to do their part in the battle against the coronavirus buy building aerosol boxes.


Jun Mirasol, or Kuja Jun to his friends, owns a shop in Valenzuela that creates advertising materials for many motorcycle events throughout the year. If you’ve attended the Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show, then you’ve seen his work with the banners, tents, and stages that display the bikes.


Mirasol also manufactures decal sets, windshields, and brackets for some specific motorcycle models. Since most of the events he works with have had to cancel because of COVID-19, his unused materials are becoming resources that Filipino doctors can use on the front lines of this medical emergency.


How Do Medical Professionals Use Aerosol Boxes?


Aerosol boxes are made from clear plastic. Doctors and nurses use them to reduce exposure levels to droplets from coronavirus patients while intubating them to a ventilator.


The patients who require intubation have the most severe symptoms of COVID-19. Being on the ventilator is the best chance for the individual to continue breathing when the virus is working to cause pneumonia.


Some people need to stay on the ventilator for over a week before their symptoms clear up enough to be removed from the equipment.


The original aerosol box design came from Dr. Hsien Yung Lai, but manufacturers like Mirasol can replicate the process using local materials. It’s a cost-effective shield where the plans are available online for anyone to follow.


Once word got out that the company was looking for ways to produce aerosol boxes, orders from hospitals began coming in immediately. It was an emotional experience for the entire team, and they all came together as a group to decide to offer the boxes for free for as long as possible.


As long as they have 5mm or 6mm transparent acrylic plastic materials, the team can produce the aerosol boxes that medical professionals need to save lives.


How to Get Involved with this Project


If you would like to help JM Mirasol produce more aerosol boxes for first responders, then you can contact the company at [email protected] A total of nine fabricated boxes have already been delivered to institutions in the Philippines, with many more planned.


You can also contact the company through their official Facebook page if you’d like to help in some way.


If you don’t have a way to support these efforts directly right now, then you can send some work their way if you live in the Philippines or know someone on the islands. They provide custom work on bikes, cars, and more. You can see their tent at many racing circuit events to support them with a purchase if you prefer.

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