Tips for Riding Motorcycles in a Pandemic World


Most governments restrict non-essential travel when a pandemic occurs. That means you can hop on your bike to get groceries, pick-up prescriptions, or commute to work. Anything that falls outside of that scope of activities could be subject to fines, tickets, or even jail time in some parts of the world.


If you are an essential worker who commutes with a motorcycle, then the world of COVID-19 requires a re-evaluation of your habits. Careful planning and proper precautions can help to lower your risk of getting sick.


Plan Your Route Again


Even if you’ve driven the same route multiple times, you need to research where you plan to drive to avoid temporary closures. Take the time to list out all of the roadways you intend to take. Then check local, county, and state government websites to see if there are any advisories in place for those areas. Don’t rely on your GPS to provide this information for you – it may not have the updates published at the local level.


Pack Your Food and Beverages


With most restaurants serving takeout or curbside only right now, finding something to eat on the road with your bike is a challenge. You’ll want some bottled water, medications, and snacks that you can manage. It’s the perfect time to break out the meals-ready-to-eat (MRE) options that might be in your emergency planning supplies.


Focus on Hygiene


If you must use a public bathroom, then do not touch the door handle or faucet after washing your hands. Use a paper towel, a tissue, or your clothing if there is no other option to have a protective barrier between your skin and potential germs. Pay with cards instead of cash whenever possible. Then pack disposable gloves, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer if you have them.


Guarantee Your Reservation


Some hotels have shuttered their doors in the pandemic world. That means you need to guarantee a reservation for a long-distance trip if you need a place to stay. Most national chains are still operational in some capacity with improved cleaning procedures, but you need to take matters into your own hands. Sanitize any high-touch surfaces in a room before unpacking to reduce your risk of exposure.


If you intend to stay in the same hotel for more than one night, then speak with the front desk to stop housekeeping services. That action enables you to control sanitization in the room while limiting your contact with people who would come in and out.


Drive Safely


Lighter traffic on the roads can make it a temptation to start speeding. Officers are still out in force along the highways to ensure responsible driving occurs. That means you need to stay vigilant with your habits to avoid an encounter you’d prefer to avoid.


When the world deals with a pandemic, it is essential to remember that circumstances can change at any time. If you prepare for everything, then you’ll be ready for anything that tries to come your way when riding your bike.

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